They Witness a Giant Pink Glow that Illuminates the Night Sky While Driving in Russia [VIDEO]

An unusual pink glow attracted the attention of a motorist who drove through a rural area of ​​Russia at night.

Luis, the author of the video, captured those images near the Russian city of Liudínovo, at the western end of the country, and shared them on social networks, the Gizmodo portal details.

In that area, as the witness could tell, there is a huge complex of greenhouses called Agro-Invest, origin of the strange light.

According to the Dutch company Dalsem, which owns the greenhouse, it is the largest complex of its kind in the Central Federal District of Russia, with an area of 104 hectares covered within a plot of 238 hectares in total.

The project has automated climate, irrigation and energy management systems, which allows it to be cultivated throughout the year.

In addition, the complex has the largest LED lighting for horticultural purposes worldwide, responsible for the pink coloring of the sky.

It is about 65,000 lights one meter long and another 57,000 two meters long, all of them manufactured by Philips.

Watch the video down below!


Source: ActualidadRT