This is How Fires Recorded in California can be Seen from Space

Wildfires in California do not diminish, and this creates concern among local authorities, because so far the fire has consumed more than 65,000 hectares and has caused the evacuation of more than 200,000 people.

Also, strong gusts of wind make it difficult to extinguish the flames, and the seriousness of the situation can be perceived through social networks, where several users have shared photos and videos about this emergency.

But the smoke caused by the fire is not only appreciated hundreds of miles away, but also from space, as NASA astronaut Andrew Morgan showed.

Through a series of images taken from the International Space Station, you can see the size of the large number of fires burning in California.

“Thinking about the people who have lost their homes and the brave lifeguards in the front line protecting them,” Morgan wrote next to the photos.

In addition, he added that the images show columns of smoke just above the San Francisco Bay Area, one of the affected areas.

The photos appear to be from the Kincade fire, which is 30% contained, and possibly another. 

The fire began on October 23 and has since burned more than 31,000 hectares.

About 5,000 officials are working to extinguish the fire, and US authorities have already declared a red alert for emergency and have invited residents to take precautions.


Source: Elnuevodia