This is How the “Massive” Raid in Area 51 is Going Live

The day has arrived: the “raid” to enter the facilities of Area 51 has begun,  and a group of about 50 people swirl in front of this high security area to unveil the secrets inside.

According to many rumor experts, there would be numerous specimen aliens in the facility  that the United States government would be hiding from the population.

The event is being broadcast live by the user of  Youtube, zerc (and other known ‘YouTubers‘),  and although the time to start the raid is over several times, it is quite amusing to watch how brave they want to try to enter the area are preparing to fulfill one of their dreams.

So far, the police have not made an appearance, although it would not be surprising if they arrived from one moment to another along with dozens of military personnel prepared to evict what can be considered an attack on national security.

Watch the stream down below!



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