This is the Truth About the Mysterious UFO Captured on Google Maps.[IMAGE]

POLAND.-.Google Maps is an application that offers maps and satellite images of almost any part of the world, but the useful tool has also unleashed theories such as that of the alleged alien landing in a Polish locality.

It turns out that some curious people inspected the area through the application and found what appears to be a UFO parked among the trees in an unpopulated area, which caused paranormal fans to come to the site to look for the alien spacecraft; however, they found another surprise.

The object that in Google Maps is seen as a UFO in Poland  is actually a circular building that from the air gives the feeling of being a spaceship, so in the application was named Alien UFO Resort.

To see it you need to enter Google Maps and put the coordinates 45°42’12.11 “N 21°18’8.88 “E and will automatically show an image of the site and the supposed UFO which is actually a circular hotel.

Other areas searched in Google Maps

The case of the alleged extraterrestrial ship in Poland is not the only one, as other areas such as Area 51 in Nevada, United States has become one of the most wanted by people trying to discover evidence of the presence of alien beings captured by the cameras of the application.

Lake Ness in Scotland is also one of the most inspected areas on Google Maps in search of a photograph of the monster that supposedly lives there.