This Tragic Event Would Happen if a Drone Collided with a Plane [VIDEO]

Now that flying drones are everywhere, have you ever wondered what would happen if any of these objects were to get in the way of a commercial plane?

An experiment was performed based on the conditions of a conventional flight and it was verified what would happen if a drone collided with the wing of an airplane at a speed of 383 kilometers per hour.

The investigation was carried out at the University of Dayton, in the United States, and the results were not very encouraging, because, under certain circumstances, the damage caused by this collision would cause the aircraft to fall.

It is already known what the consequences may be between the crash of a drone and a bird, but the investigation wanted to know the damage that a drone would cause on a commercial plane.

To do this, they used drone for ordinary and commercial use, with a standard size, and with conditions closest to those that could arise in an air collision.

“We wanted to demonstrate to the aviation community and the drone industry, the real dangers of recreational activity of using a drone,” said Kevin Poormon, leader of physical impacts at the University of Dayton.

Among the results, it was interesting to discover that a bird could apparently do greater damage, however, the drone can penetrate more and more strongly the wing of an airplane.

Poormon explained that this could become a problem when shipping companies standardize drone deliveries.


Watch the video down below:


Source: Excelsior