This will be the New Way of Traveling

The World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC) unveiled the new way of traveling during the coronavirus pandemic, where airports, airlines and tour operators are involved.

In the new health and hygiene protocols, the WTTC reported that a reduction of contact will be established at airports through online check-in and kiosks in the passenger documentation part; in addition to the use of bio-metric electronic doors and the reading of boarding passes.

In addition, the council stated that entry and exit detection will have to be performed using full-body infrared scanners, the use of hand-held infrared thermometers, and gun thermometers.

In the airlines, the protocols will be the use of protective equipment among the personnel (masks, face masks, gloves), hand disinfection in high traffic areas and deep cleaning of all areas of the plane, bathrooms and departure rooms.

In the case of tour operators, the guidelines to follow would be staggered time to access rooms, hotels and restaurants, reduction of the capacity limits of the place and identification of risk areas and isolation space for users with symptoms of Covid-19.





Source: Multimedios