Three Asteroids the Size of a Boeing Airplane Approach Earth

According to the calculations of the Center for Near Earth Object Studies of NASA (CNEOS), three Apollo-type asteroids will approach our planet in the following hours.

the biggest asteroid from the group is almost as long as the wingspan of a Boeing 747 plane.

With a diameter of 67 meters, the asteroid called “2019 QZ3” is reported as the largest and travels with an estimated speed of 26,876 kilometers per hour, and will approach Earth at 10:49 GMT (meridian hours of Greenwich) this Monday.

According to the Intriper site, the second largest asteroid is called “2019 RG2” and measures about 20 meters; Despite its size, it is the fastest of the three celestial bodies traveling at a speed of almost 80 thousand kilometers per hour.

Finally, the star “2019 QY4”, 16 meters in diameter, goes to the Earth’s orbit at 27,970 kilometers per hour and will be located at 0,00641 astronomical units at its closest point to Earth.

Down below is a chart that represents the estimated value of some of the asteroids in our universe.





Source: MVSnoticias