Three Dead and Four Missing in a Plane Crash in Canada

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The flight had seven people, including crew and passengers, and has been found in a lake on the east coast of the country.

Three people have died, including the pilot, and four are missing after a plane hit a lake in a remote area of ​​northeastern Canada.

The occupants of the Havilland DHC-2 Beaver aircraft of Air Saguenay, a small airline based in Quebec, were seven people. The plane has crashed in Labrador , within the province of Newfoundland on  the east coast of Canada .

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The plane had a pilot, two guides and four passengers who went  fishing . It was supposed to land around 7 pm on Monday at Crossroads Lake, where the fishing lodge is located. When not having news of the airplane to 8 of that same afternoon, the airline began the emergency procedure, in which it is included the shipment of a second airplane to look for it.

After an hour without results, the company notified  the rescue teams. The plane was located by one of these teams at Lake Mistastin, a crater in northern Labrador two kilometers from the original destination, about 6 am on Tuesday.

“The  cause of the accident is being investigated ,” says Jean Tremblay, president of Air Saguenay, as well as the whereabouts of the four missing persons.

“We continue to trust that we will find survivors,” said Tremblay. The body of the pilot has been identified who, according to Tremblay, at 61 years old, had never had a bad experience after  more than 20,000 hours  of flight and working in the company since 2011.


Source: ElPeriodico