Transit of Mercury: The rare Phenomenon that will Occur in November and will be Visible from Peru

One of the most anticipated astronomical phenomena of 2019 will occur in a few days. On November 11 the so-called Transit of Mercury will happen, a cosmic event that only happens 13 times per century.

This space show can be seen from countries in Europe, Africa and America, including Peru, which is in the area where visibility will be total.

The Transit of Mercury occurs when this planet passes in front of the Sun seen from Earth.

The three bodies must be completely aligned for this to happen, which is very rare due to the inclination of the orbit of Mercury, details the Seminar of Permanent Seminar of Astronomy and Space Sciences – SPACE of the UNMSM.

The last Mercury Transit occurred in 2016. (Image NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center / SDO / Genna Duberstein)

A new astronomical event of this type will occur only on November 13, 2032 and May 7, 2049, so this is a great opportunity for all astronomy fans.

The phenomenon will last five hours with 28 minutes in total and will begin at 12:35 noon. It will end 18:04 pm on November 11.

To be able to follow the Transit of Mercury, the homemade methods used to observe eclipses, such as negatives, smoked crystals or special glasses, will not work.

It will be necessary to use telescopes or binoculars with special filters. You should not see the Sun directly due to the danger of burns on the retina.



Source: Elcomercio