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Troy Aikman Net Worth Family, Career & More

Troy Aikman stands as an iconic figure in the National Football League history. Born in West Covina, California and spending his early life between California and Oklahoma, Aikman displayed exceptional athletic talent during high school as both an outstanding football player and state champion typer. Although offered a contract by New York Mets straight out of high school baseball player, Aikman instead decided to study football at both Oklahoma University and UCLA before being chosen first overall by Dallas Cowboys during 1989 NFL Draft as College Football Hall-of-Famer Aikman was honored as College Football Hall-of-Famer Aikman was recognized with College Football Hall-of Fame membership for this achievement!

What Made Troy Aikman’s NFL Career Noteworthy?

Aikman’s NFL journey was truly remarkable, leading to three Super Bowl rings during his time as head coach of Dallas Cowboys from 1992-1995 and taking them all the way to championship victories. Notably renowned for his precision passing and leadership abilities, Aikman quickly became an icon both locally and nationwide – becoming a household name across both Dallas and across America. Unfortunately however, Aikman battled numerous injuries, such as back problems and multiple concussions throughout his tenure on the gridiron. Despite these setbacks, his dedication to the game saw him earn upwards of $55 million in his 12-season long NFL stint.

How did Troy Aikman Transition into Broadcasting?

Life after the NFL saw Aikman pivot his skills from the field to the commentary box. Beginning with a modest $1 million annual pay at Fox, his acumen as a color commentator quickly won him critical acclaim, including multiple Emmy Awards. His authoritative voice and insightful perspectives made him a favorite among football enthusiasts. By 2019, his broadcasting earnings saw a significant spike, with his annual paycheck touching the $7.5 million mark. His transition to ESPN in 2022, in a record-breaking deal, further solidified his reputation in the broadcasting domain, pulling in a salary of $18 million annually.

What is Troy Aikman’s Involvement in Racing?

Aikman’s passion for sports didn’t just end with football. In 2005, he collaborated with fellow Cowboys quarterback legend, Roger Staubach, to launch a NASCAR racing team named Hall of Fame Racing. Debuting in the NASCAR NEXTEL Cup Series in 2006, the team fielded experienced drivers like Terry Labonte and Tony Raines. While not as successful as his football endeavors, Aikman’s racing venture was a testament to his undying love for competitive sports.

Who are the Important People in Troy Aikman’s Personal Life?

Aikman’s personal life has seen its fair share of headlines. In the early 90s, he was in a relationship with country singer Lorrie Morgan. He later married publicist Rhonda Worthey in 2000, with whom he has two children. However, their relationship ended in 2011. By 2017, Aikman found love again and tied the knot with fashion retailer Catherine Mooty. Recent updates from June 2023 suggest that Aikman and Mooty have parted ways, and the former quarterback has entered a new chapter in his personal life.

In summary, Troy Aikman’s journey from a young athlete in Oklahoma to a celebrated NFL legend and broadcaster is an inspiring tale of determination, resilience, and passion. Whether on the football field, in the commentary box, or on the racing tracks, Aikman has showcased an unwavering commitment to excellence.

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