Truck Full of Fireworks Catches Fire and Creates an Amazing Light Show [VIDEO]

A viral video shared on Facebook shows the wonderful spectacle that was caused by the fire of a truck, while traveling on a road in Russia.

The fireworks located in the heavy vehicle’s container, shot skyward, leaving witnesses astonished.

Thousands of users have been amazed with a video shared on Facebook and other social networks, of the great show that happened in Komsomolsk in AmurRussia.

A driver who was driving his huge truck down a road had to brake his vehicle untimely when he saw that the cabin he was in started to catch fire.

The man immediately left the vehicle, watching the fire spread to the container, which was full of fireworks.

Together with several witnesses, they recorded the precise moment in which the pyrotechnics leave for the sky and begin to detonate, creating a beautiful show that surprised thousands of Facebook users.

Although the truck was totally damaged, the ‘show’ of various colors that took place in the night sky, was very nice.

According to the RT portal, the driver of the heavy vehicle managed to escape unharmed and no injuries were reported, to the relief of thousands of Facebook users.


Source: Larepublica