Trump Tweets a Video Where he ‘Plays’ with a Cat Demonstrating the Devastation of Hurricane Dorian

US President Donald Trump published a video on his Twitter account in which he appears playing with a cat who sits on the CNN chain logo: the president guides the cat’s gaze through a laser pointer through a map with the forecast of the route and intensity of Hurricane Dorian.

The montage, which is accompanied by the music of the comedy program ‘The Benny Hill Show’, generated reactions found among users.

While some took it with humor, others felt that the tweet is probably not funny for the neighbors of the areas affected by the cyclone.

“How can you not love this president?” Wrote a formalist. “Well deserved, a great meme,” added another.

“Damn, what an idiot!” Says the message of a tweeter. “Does anyone believe that Trump has the mental capacity to do his job?” and “is it really a tweet from the president of the United States?” some network users asked.

Finally, some tweeters responded by publishing memes under the president’s message.


Source: ActualidadRT