Turkey Starts Russian Missile Test

As it has transpired in the Turkish media, the administration of Recep Tayyip Erdogan will begin between today (25.11.2019) and tomorrow the tests of the S-400 Russian missile defense system, rejected by NATO and the United States, considering it opens security breaches in the Alliance.

The daily Milliyet and CNN Turkey have reported that the Defense Ministry will check the effectiveness of radar missile system during maneuvers fighter F-16 American – made.

However, no official source has ruled on the test of the missile batteries, although the authorities announced that the Air Force will conduct maneuvers with fighter-bombers on Ankara.

Between July and September, Russia delivered two S-400 batteries to Turkey, which have been officially reported to be active as of April 2020.

It is an initiative widely criticized by NATO of the fact that Turkey is a member.

If the information disclosed by the Turkish press were true, Ankara would be ignoring the warnings that the United States had made regarding possible economic sanctions, in addition to the cessation of the sale of F-35 fighter jets.




Source: Dw