Two dead after aircraft Tecnam P2004 Bravo crashed in Santa Cruz, Brazil

Tecnam P2004 Bravo fireTwo people died in the fall of an ultralight aircraft Tecnam P2004 Bravo in Santa Cruz, west of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The accident occurred at a location near the neighborhood’s sporting club.

After the fall of the aircraft it was engulfed in flames. The people on board were rescued alive, but later died from the wounds. There is still no information on the identity of the dead people.

Firefighters from the Santa Cruz arrived at the scene of the accident and succeeded to extinguish the flames.

The local authorities initiated investigation for the root cause of the accident.

The Tecnam P2004 Bravo is a high-wing, light aircraft built by the Tecnam aircraft company. It is similar to the Tecnam P92 Echo Super, but has a cantilevered wing rather than the P92’s strut-braced wing. The aircraft has length of 6.61 m, height of 2.60 m, wingspan of 8.40 m and wing area of 11 sq m. The empty weight of the aircraft is 331 kg (730 lb), while useful load is 269 kg (590 lb). Tecnam P2004 Bravo has propulsion of Rotax 912ULS GT, 100 hp (73.5 kW) with maximum takeoff weight 600 kg (1,320 lb).