Two Drunk United Airlines Pilots Arrested Before Boarding the Plane

Two pilots of the American airline United Airlines have been arrested while drunk at Glasgow airport before piloting their plane to the city of Newark (USA), three years after two other pilots of the same airline were arrested for the same crime on the same flight, reports Daily Mail.

It is reported that the two employees of the airline, 45 and 35, did not pass the alcohol test before the transatlantic flight.

As a result, the flight had to be canceled, and the passengers, annoyed by the incident, soon expressed their indignation on social networks.

The incident occurs three years after two other United Airlines pilots were arrested for being drunk before leaving Glasgow airport to Newark. The pilots, Paul Grebenc, 35, and his colleague Carlos Roberto Licona, 45, were sentenced to 10 and 15 months in prison, respectively.


Source: Actualidad