Two Italian Swimmers die in Plane Crash

A serious plane crash ended the lives of two Italian swimmers this Sunday morning.

These are Fabio Lombini and Gioele Rossetti, 22 and 23 years old, who were piloting the ultralight plane of the Crazy Fly flight school that crashed at 10:40 near Via Avezzano, in Nettuno, a town of 45 thousand inhabitants located on the outskirts of Rome.

The private plane had taken off shortly before the Le Grugnole airfield, to fly over the Pontino field. Rossetti was in command, who, in addition to being a swimmer, was a medical student and, as it was later learned, had a pilot’s license.

According to the testimony of some witnesses, Before crashing into the ground, the plane had caught fire, possibly due to an engine problem.

The bodies of the two youths were found charred inside the airplane.

Both Rossetti and Lombini were training at the Ostia swimming center.


Source: Ole