Two People Die in Two Accidents in the Pyrenees, Spain

Two men have died this weekend in two different accidents. The first of them, a 65-year-old mountaineer, has died in the Pico Palas hill, in the municipality of Sallent de Gállego (Huesca).

The second of them, a climber, has lost his life on the morning of today when he has fallen from about thirty meters in the so-called Cave of the Hunters, in Rodellar (Huesca).

Civil Guard sources point out that about 13.50 on Saturday, a call was received at the 062 central office informing that a mountaineer had suffered a fall in the Pico Palas hill and, according to the person accompanying him, That had passed away.

Immediately, specialists from the EREIM of Panticosa and the Huesca Air Unit were activated, who came to the indicated place through coordinates, where the body of the deceased was located – JRC, neighbor of Cornellá de Llobregat (Barcelona) – next to two French firefighters and the Activity partner.

Once the deceased person was located, she was transferred to the Panticosa heliport and from there to the Jaca forensic anatomical.

The Civil Guard explains that at 12 noon this Sunday a notice has been received at the 062 central, informing that a climber had suffered an accident, falling from a height of thirty meters.

The injured, who was accompanied by other people, was in a critical situation, so the rescue device was immediately activated, with troops from the Huesca EREIM, the Huesca Air Unit and a 061 nurse.

Once located the injured, it was found that the injured had injuries incompatible with life, so he was evacuated to the Hospital San Jorge de Huesca and, subsequently, to the Provincial Hospital of Huesca to perform the autopsy on the corpse.



Source: elperiodicodearagon