Two people died after Cessna 421B crashed in Czech Republic

Cessna 421BTwo people died after small twin-engine airplane Cessna 421B crashed near Straz pod Ralskem in Czech Republic. The aircraft suffered engine failure and started spinning, falling on the ground after less than 10 seconds. Following the crash of the airplane it started burning. The accident was reported to local authorities by witnesses and at the scene arrive police officers and firefighters.

The burning debris of the aircraft were in an inaccessible terrain where it could not be reached by trucks or other equipment. They succeeded to extinguish the flames and found the bodies of the two people, but failed to understood their identity and judicial autopsy will be done.

The root cause of the accident is under way. According to witness evidences the twin-engine airplane Cessna 421B lost power and silently fell on the ground. After the fall it started to burn

Cessna 421 Golden Eagle is an American six or seven seat twin-engined light transport aircraft. The 421A appeared in 1968 and the aircraft was redesigned in 1970 and marketed as the 421B. Cessna 421B Golden Eagle is eight-seat light passenger transport aircraft. Type approved 28 April 1970, powered by two Continental GTSIO-520-Hs of 375 hp (280 kW) each, maximum takeoff weight 7,250 lb (3,289 kg), later models 7,450 lb (3,379 kg).