Two Pilots are Suspended for Allowing an Egyptian Celebrity to ‘Take Control’ of a Plane

Officials from the Ministry of Civil Aviation of Egypt confirmed the authenticity of the video and initiated an investigation into the incident involving the actor and singer Mohamed Ramadan.

Authorities of the Ministry of Civil Aviation of Egypt suspended two pilots after a controversial video went viral on the Web in which the famous movie and music star Mohamed Ramadan appears inside the cockpit of an airplane showing as if piloting the aircraft, reports Ahram Online.

The officials confirmed the authenticity of the video and said that the plane belongs to an Egyptian private aircraft company flying to Saudi Arabia.

“I will drive the plane,” says Ramadan at the beginning of the one-minute clip that was posted on his social networks.

In the images you can see how the artist gets up from his seat to go to the cabin of the aircraft before sitting next to one of the pilots and taking the joystick.

Meanwhile, the pilot seems to have no problem with the presence of Ramadan in front of the control panel and even ends up giving him a strong handshake.

“It was decided to suspend the captain of the flight and his assistant, to refer them to an urgent investigation because they committed a strictly prohibited act under the rules of international and Egyptian aviation,” said authorities regarding the incident, according to Gulf News.

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