U.S. Air Force Awards a $6.4 Billion Contract to Seven Companies for Realistic Training

The US Department of Defense announced on Friday an agreement worth about $6.4 billion for air support operations contracted by the Combat Air Force.

The Department of Defense has hired seven companies to provide complete air support services contracted to deal with advanced, realistic and challenging adverse air threats, as well as near air support threats.

The companies are Air USA of New Mexico, ATAC of Newport News, Blue Air Training of Las Vegas, Coastal Defense of Pennsylvania, Draken International of Lakeland, Tactical Air Support of Reno, and Top Aces of Mesa.

“The work will be carried out in multiple locations of the Combat Air Force and will provide complete services that include, among others: aircraft, unmanned aircraft systems, support to aircraft systems, pilots, aircraft maintenance, support equipment, in addition to programs, quality and contract management to meet military requirements, and is expected to be completed by October 29, 2024,” says a press release from the service.

Seven companies will provide support to the adversary in the air, close air support, flight training, threat simulation, electronic warfare support, air refueling, research, testing, as well as other missions that uniquely adapt to their aircraft fleet.

The support of the companies will consist in the reproduction of realistic threats for various sets of air-to-air missions that range from the basic fundamentals to complex employment exercises.



Source: Israelnoticias