U.S. Air Force Take the Next Step Towards Autonomous Fighters

The United States Air Force has taken another important step towards the development of autonomous fighters under the program, known as Skyborg.

The Combined Test Force of Emerging Technologies of the Air Force Wing 412 conducted an autonomous test flight at the Edwards Base of the Air Force, California, on July 25.

The mission of the flight was to test a software suite designed to make the flight of unmanned aerial vehicles safer.

The TACE test is part of the Skyborg program of the Air Force Research Laboratory. The Skyborg program is a software development tool that allows engineers and researchers to develop autonomous capabilities.

The Office of Strategic Development Planning and Experimentation of the Air Force is working on the development of a prototype Autonomous Unmanned Combat Air Vehicle as an Early Operational Capacity as early as 2023.

The TACE safety network programming is between the critical safety control system of a vehicle and its mission system.

The tested algorithms keep the aircraft within the defined safety limits before takeoff. Jessen said the idea is to let the autonomous test fighter fly out of safety limits;

The TACE program would then take control of the hunt and take it to a safe point.


Source: IsraelNoticias