UFO Caught Flying Over a Farm in Argentina [PHOTO]

Whenever there is talk of the existence of aliens, the mystery stuns people. On this occasion, a producer from Villa Regina, in Río Negro, said he saw a UFO flying over his farm.

In an effort to find something to prove his sayings, the man decided to take a picture, he managed to capture the image of the flying saucer that would have visited his field on the afternoon of last Friday.

But, the producer was not satisfied with the image registered in the vicinity of the sector known as Island 58 of Regina, so he decided to share it with the world on social networks by opening the controversy about the presence of aliens on our planet.

The reactions on the Internet did not take long to arrive, in fact, many residents of the area commented in tune to the version of the author of the photograph.

In this way, many claimed to have also seen the flying object, and even to have witnessed strange lights in the sky during that night.

The distance of the flying object is not that far from the farm. The picture is also fairly high quality rather than just a blurry blob.

It doesn’t appear to be a plane due to the fact that it doesn’t have noticeably large wings.

You be the judge to decide whether or not you believe this to be a true UFO. At least we know this farmer was convinced by the photo he brought forward.

Check out the viral tweet down below!



Source: Minutoneuquen