UFO Spotted in Hawaii after Luminous Object Falls from the Sky into the Ocean [VIDEO]

Through several videos that are currently circulating on social networks, a mysterious blue element is seen falling from the night sky on the island of Oahu, in Hawaii.

The events, which according to the inhabitants of the area and the reports of the case occurred on the night of December 29 at around 8:30 pm were alerted by the residents of the island, who called 911 to report to the authorities what to many was the sighting of a large UFO that slowly disappeared after falling into the ocean, according to the news website Insider Paper.

According to the same media, the agents of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) were also informed of the event in which an almost triangular blue element is seen in the sky that sailed through the sky until it disappeared in the ocean last Tuesday.

There were many calls that the Police received to report the mysterious event.

In this regard, Ian Gregor, FAA spokesman, indicated that the Police informed the Federal Aviation Administration agency on Tuesday night about a possible plane downed in the area, “but that no plane disappeared from the radars. And there are no reports of delayed or lost aircraft”, which determines that according to this entity, that night there was no incident or plane crash at that time that could be related to the sighting.

Faced with the strange event, many people in the area wonder what that strange light in the sky was about, even more so when the authorities have not been able to establish a logical explanation for what happened, so speculation about a possible UFO is growing.

According to a woman identified as Moriah to the local newspaper Hawaii News Now, she saw the object pass through the sky and was so amazed that she called her husband who was in the garage to confirm if he also saw the strange event, which the man also confirmed in amazement.

The 38-year-old, who indicated that she has never really believed in UFOs, was so impressed with the fact that she decided with her partner to jump on the bandwagon and chase the glowing blue object moving in the sky.

“I don’t know what it was. I was going very fast”, explained the witness of the phenomenon.

According to the same media, the couple’s journey to pursue the strange object ended less than three miles from where it began, after the light fell into the ocean and disappeared from everyone’s sight.

Moriah stated that the item he observed from his perspective was larger than a telephone pole and that according to what he could see, he did not hear it emitting any sound.

Such was the impact and intrigue of the woman by what she witnessed, that she rebuked the authorities, like many who witnessed the event, to investigate the case: “We called 911 so that an officer or someone could come to find out.”

According to this, after the authorities arrived at the site, Moriah says they saw a second light that this time was characterized by being white and of a smaller size, which they lost sight of after the object passed through a mountain.

The events, which are still the subject of investigation by the experts, have intrigued the inhabitants of the island and users of social networks who after seeing the images believe that it is another sign that establishes that there is extraterrestrial life.




Source: Semana