UFOs in Argentina: 10 Sightings Reported per Month

In recent times there is a topic that for the moment dethrones the coronavirus worldwide: UFOs.

It all started a few days ago when the United States Department of Defense allowed three videos to be published taken by Air Force fighter pilots, where flashing light objects could be seen on their flight sensors.

These unidentified events were taken between 2004 and 2015 and revived the idea of ​​visitors from other planets.

Just a day ago and following the revelation of the USA, Japan confirmed that it is preparing protocols in defense of a possible attack by aliens which caused great amazement in the world.

While Defense Minister Taro Kono does not believe much in UFOs, he is interested in why the United States released those videos and was quick to prepare for any unknown eventuality from outer space.

As expected, Argentina cannot be left behind on the subject and Clarín recently announced that at least 40 sightings were reported in the country so far this year, that is, an average of 10 per month.

The country has a commission called the Aerospace Identification Center (CIAE), which has the endorsement of the Air Force and organizes, coordinates and carries out the investigation and analysis of events, activities or elements in the Argentine sky.

They must identify the causes of these phenomena and report the conclusions.

According to Rubén Lianza, the analyst in charge of the commission, in this quarantine time 4 cases were reported, since people have more time to look at the sky, “two corresponded to the planet Venus and the rest were stars of the first magnitude, as Sirius and Antares”, he clarified.

The objective of the CIAE is to be natural, not to feed the paranormal.






Source: Abcdiario