UFOs in the Monteregie Sky Still Fascinate Quebeckers 30 Years Later

The city of Marieville in Montérégie is best known for three things.


1. Wrestler Kevin Owens.

2. Its proximity to Rougemont.

3. The fact that on November 20, 1989, a series of strange phenomena, which remain unexplained to this day, occurred there.


Several residents of the small municipality claim to have seen bluish lights illuminate the cold autumn evening.

In addition, an agroglyph rounded at about twenty meters in diameter appeared in a field, causing all kinds of inexplicable consequences.

At the time, everyone was talking about it.

The paranormal journalist Christian Page was on the set of the show Deux filles le matin, Wednesday, to give fascinating details about this incident that has marked Quebeckers.

Watch the video clip where Christian talks about the UFO scenario down below!


Source: Lesacdechips