UFOs Sighted by the US Navy: In Chile 201 Anomalous Aerial Phenomena Have Been Recorded in the Last Two Years

Last week the United States Government and its Department of Naval Operations confirmed the existence and truthfulness of a series of videos of unidentified flying objects (UFOs). In Chile, UFOs are no longer talked about.

The concept has evolved and today we talk about anomalous aerial phenomena, whose registration is in charge of the Committee of Studies of Anomalous Aerial Phenomena, CEFAA.

The agency  is part of the General Directorate of Civil Aeronautics, DGAC, and is responsible for studying, collecting, analyzing and classifying this type of phenomena in the airspace of Chile, from Arica to the South Pole. He was in charge of continuing the work done by the Chilean Commission for Studies of Unidentified Space Phenomena, born in 1968.

In Chile, according to official CEFAA figures, in the last two years (2018 and 2019), 201 cases have been registered.
128 last year and 73 to date during this year. The classification of anomalous aerial phenomena is divided into four types: unexplained, pending, explained and false.
The main objective of this committee is to support the safety of air operations in the country.
“On October 3, 1997, this body was officially created, which followed the investigation of the 1968 Commission, creating the Committee of Studies of Abnormal Aerial Phenomena under the General Directorate of Civil Aviation,” said Hugo Camus, director Committee of Studies of Anomalous Aerial Phenomena, CEFAA.

It is defined as unexplained, those cases in which after exhausting all the edges, hypotheses and potential explanations investigated, it is not possible to conclude the origin of the phenomenon.

Pending refers to studies in whose reports, witnesses have not provided the requested information within the stipulated deadlines and also those whose resolution is awaiting results by the Committee.

While the cases explained, are those that identify an origin with a recognizable cause, after the corresponding investigation.

Finally, situations classified as false are those reports with altered tests, images or videos, or with nonexistent information.

“Annually, more than 500 thousand air operations, with more than 22 million passengers, are registered at airports and airfields throughout the country. So, our goal is to collaborate so that these passengers travel safely and comfortably,” adds Camus.

CEFAA has a Programming and Control Department, which receives monthly Executive Reports and details of the investigations that are carried out, including those that have reached a final conclusion.

“The concept we use, Anomalous Aerial Phenomena and Unidentified Aerial Phenomena, is a much broader concept than UFO. In 1947, an American civil pilot had a sighting of nine objects, which was disseminated throughout the world. That milestone marked the contemporary history of this type of phenomena, hence the concept of flying saucers was born. He later denied it, ”Camus explains.

Then, in the 52 and 53 years, in a project that preceded the Blue Book project of the North American Air Force, “a young captain pointed out that the concept of flying saucers was not concrete and was not what best reflected what was being observed.”

“There was born the concept of an unidentified flying object, UFO,” he adds.

In the 80s, Richard Haines, a psychologist who participated in studies of this type of phenomena, said that “this concept of UFO was short in front of the sightings.” He suggested that, instead of UFO, talk about Unidentified Aerial Phenomena and then Abnormal Aerial Phenomena.

“It evolved because the phenomena are much broader than a mere unidentified flying object,” explains the professional.

Many cases occur based on people’s mistakes.  “People confuse the planet Venus, confuse the movement of the International Space Station, the Iridium satellites, which have photovoltaic antennas, which you can sometimes see during the day, it is something luminous that walks through space and people he finds strange,” Camus points out.

All cases that arrive daily (via phone call or website), are investigated by exhausting all instances and hypotheses.

“I remember a case of May 2018, the famous Livor case, where the crews of five commercial airplanes, off the coast of Antofagasta, informed us that they had seen a series of lights in the area.”

“We concluded that they had seen giant squid fishing boats, of Chinese and European origin, which used giant frosts from the sea . That was the explanation,” recalls the director of CEFAA.



Source: Latercera