UK Civil Aviation Authority threatened with sanctions Ryanair

Ryanair sanctionsCivil Aviation Authority (CAA) threatened with sanctions the Irish low-cost airline Ryanair for failing to provide its customers with credible information about their rights after yesterday announced cancellation of a number of flights during the winter.

On Wednesday, the carrier canceled 18,000 flights in the upcoming winter season, affecting the interests of around 400,000 passengers. The company explained this decision by reducing its fleet by 25 airplanes during the winter season. Ryanair offers to affected passengers rebooking to new flight or compensation with vouchers of 40-80 EUR.

The airline canceled unexpectedly 2,100 flights between mid-September and late October. This measure affected 315,000 of its customers.

“The information revealed by Ryanair does not yet clarify the rights of passengers”, said the head of UK Civil Aviation Authority, Andrew Haines. “There are clear laws designed to assist passengers in the event of cancellations and help to reduce both their disappointment and the inconveniences associated with circumstances beyond their control”, added he.

The authority has sent a letter to Ryanair asking for meeting with the consultancy management, which will last for at least a week. Such consultations may lead to a legal action for failing to protect the rights of consumers.

Ryanair suffers from a mass outflow of personnel, mostly in Norwegian Air. This year, only 140 pilots have left the Irish low-cost carrier. Towards the end of the year, the Scandinavians are planning to open a Dublin airport office and start a cadre program.

Ryanair is the largest low-budget airline in Europe. It serves over 1,100 destinations in 160 airports in 27 European countries.