Ukrainian Plane with 180 People on Board Crashes in Tehran

A Ukrainian plane with 180 people on board crashed on Wednesday near the Imam Khomeini airport, south of Tehran, without survivor information so far.

The Boeing 737 of the Ukrainian company UIA took off from the Iranian airport and was heading to the Ukrainian capital of Kiev, but minutes later it crashed due to technical problems not established so far, according to the Iranian agency ISNA.

Iran’s Emergency spokesman, Moytaba Jaledí, said 10 ambulances were sent to the scene of the accident, but without specifying at the moment if there are survivors.

The plane crashed in an area located between the towns of Shahed and Parand.

Boeing announced last Sunday that it will stop production of its 737 MAX star aircraft this month after it suffered fatal accidents in October 2018 in Indonesia and in March 2019 in Ethiopia, which together claimed the lives of 346 people, which forced to suspend its production, since the company fails to convince regulators that the airline is safe to travel.

The crisis has also cost the company about nine billion dollars and has hurt numerous suppliers and airlines.

Initially it was said that a problem in the software had to do with the causes of two fatal accidents in Indonesia and Ethiopia, whose device must be authorized by the regulatory body.

In October 2018, such an aircraft operated by the Indonesian Lion Air line crashed a few minutes after taking off from Jakarta, where the automatic systems did not work and ended up falling into the Java Sea, where 189 people died.

In March 2019, another accident occurred on a 302 Ethiopian Airlines flight, which was headed from Addis Ababa to Nairobi, Kenya.

When the pilots tried to control the aircraft, the devices did not work and crashed losing 157 people.

Given the similarities of the accidents, several countries such as Brazil, China and South Africa, began to suspend the operations of those Boeing 737 MAX 8 until further notice.





Source: Tribunadeloscabos