Unbelievably Huge Fireball Traveled Across the Coast of Spain and was Caught on Video [FOOTAGE]

The asteroid entered the atmosphere at a speed of about 72,000 kilometers per hour.

In the early morning, the Astronomical Observatory of Calar Alto detected the entrance into the atmosphere of a meteor that flew over the Mediterranean towards the Almeria coast.

The phenomenon occurred after 4 in the morning, when the asteroid entered the atmosphere at a speed of about 72,000 kilometers per hour. As explained by the doctor in Astrophysics José María Madiedo,” the event began at an altitude of about 91 km above sea level.

The fireball, which could be seen from more than 400 km away, advanced in the direction northeast towards the coast of Almeria and ended at an altitude of about 35 kilometers.”

The entrance of this rock into the Earth’s atmosphere was detected in the early hours of yesterday by the SMART project detectors from the astronomical observatories of Calar Alto (Almería), Sierra Nevada (Granada) and Seville.

These detectors operate within the framework of the Southwest Europe Meteor and Speedway Network (SWEMN).




Source: Lavozdealmeria