United States Air Force and Colombian Military will Conduct Training Together

The Colombian Air Force confirmed that combined exercises are being planned between the United States and Colombia, to strengthen the fight against drug trafficking in different regions of the national territory.

The  commander of the Air Force, General Ramsés Rueda, stressed that thanks to the professionalism and trajectory of that institution, a positive image was consolidated at the international level “for which a new combined training exercise will be carried out, in which aircraft of the United States Air Force (USAF) will participate, as well as vessels of the North American Navy (US NAVY) and aircraft of the Colombian Air Force (FAC)”.

RCN Radio learned that these joint works are carried out with the objective of strengthening the procedures and standards in the detection, location and neutralization of illicit activities, at the service of groups dedicated to drug trafficking.

Meanwhile, the Air Force command highlighted that “this operational exercise called ‘Poseidon’ and that was planned between the United States Southern Command and the Colombian Air Force, will take place from September 18 to 21 in the area Coveñas in the department of Sucre”.

Through a statement, the Colombian Air Force (FAC) specified that said training “will optimize the interoperability of that institution and strengthen procedures for the interdiction, interception, and neutralization of targets.”

That institution added that “we aim to improve and optimize maritime operations and procedures against illicit targets, as well as carry out in-flight refueling and search and rescue maneuvers in open waters, under international standards of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)”.

Finally, the Colombian Air Force concluded that it will continue with the training of its crews, to strengthen capacities that allow it to fulfill the constitutional mission of guaranteeing the security and defense of Colombians.





Source: Rcnradio