US Army will Invest 750 Thousand Dollars in the Search for UFOs of Tom DeLonge

These last months have been a resounding victory for the search for extraterrestrial life led by Tom DeLonge.

After the United States Navy confirmed that its famous UFO videos are real, it was reported that the organization headed by the former Blink-182 former collaborator with the Army in a million-dollar investigation.

This week, the United States Army signed a contract to invest 750 thousand dollars to the investigation of To The Stars Academy (TTSA), the DeLonge organization.

In addition to the videos of UFOs that both have made headlines, TTSA has made a lot of noise in the international community that (according to them) got some metal alloys never before seen from any point in space or recovered alien technology.

These “exotic metamaterials, as they were described, are what made the foreign military investigators salivate.

According to the lucrative contract signed this week, the US government is interested in Tom DeLonge‘s organization for his ability to develop futuristic technology.

As the contract is public, we could already find out that the Army will invest 750 thousand dollars to be able to test in depth the technology presented by TTSA:

“reduction of inertial mass, structural and mechanical metamaterials, electromagnetic waves, quantum physics, quantum communication and propulsion energy”.

The contract lasts five years and it is important to clarify that those thousands of dollars will not go directly to the DeLonge organization, but to the investigation.

And now? Well, despite the fact that To The Stars Academy (TTSA) is a rather controversial organization for going overboard in a media issue, all this recent interest of the US authorities makes us begin to take them more and more seriously.

This new millionaire investment confirms the interest of the world high command in extraterrestrial research and does not say the taste of the Bars and Stars to get space materials that can be used in military matters.

And all was launched by the man from the band Blink 182Tom DeLonge.

See the contract below as well as some UFO footage:




Source:  Sopitas