US to deploy its deadliest nuclear bomber plane on the Indochina border (VIDEO)

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The US can deploy its dangerous bomber plane on the Indochina border

India-China Border Dispute: In view of the ongoing tension along the Indochina border, the United States will soon be able to deploy its deadliest B-2 Spirit nuclear bomber here.

Washington / New Delhi. Given the aggressive attitude of the Chinese Army (PLA) on the Laddakh border, the US (US) is assisting its most advanced and deadly nuclear bomber B-2 Spirit (B2 spirit) to aid India. stealth nuclear bombers). These American planes together 20 capable of flying nuclear bombs. These aircraft may soon participate in flyover missions, combat preparations and joint warfare strategy-making campaigns with the Indian Air Force.

According to the US magazine The National Interest, preparations are being made to carry out this joint Indo-US military exercise along the India-China border. In addition to expressing its friendship towards India, the United States also wants to take a close look at China’s air defense system and will have every opportunity at the border with India. Currently, three B-2 bombers are stationed at the Diago Garcia American Naval Base, which is India’s only 3208,180 miles logged. The United States has been sending these planes from here to attack in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Deployment done to help India

Without mentioning India, Colonel Christopher said that the deployment of these planes here indicates how concerned the United States is for the safety of its friends. He said this bomber task force is an important part of our national defense strategy. The United States Strategic Command has been deploying the B-2 Spirit Stealth Bomber in different parts of the world based on danger and need. According to this report, now the direct confrontation of these aircraft is with the Chinese Air Defense System, which is said to be greatly exaggerated. China built Russia on the Indochina border in view of the tensions – 1000 YS – 306. China claims that even stealth aircraft cannot prevent it.

American planes also test

This is also proof of how strong American bombers prove to be in the face of China’s claim. These 50 Years of American Aircraft Frequently Updated. B-2 computers are now replaced by 2020 new people working faster Systems have been installed. According to experts, this nuclear aircraft does not go unnoticed and is capable of stealth attacks, new sensors, systems, weapons and equipment have been installed in it. The B-2 spirit is considered the world’s deadliest bomber. This bomber plane together 12 B 100 – Take 7 atomic bombs can go. The B 400 has been the deadliest and most accurate kill in your fleet recently. – 18 Atomic bombs included.

The United States claims that this bomber easily penetrates its territory avoiding the enemy’s air defense, although it has not yet encountered the air defense system of advanced countries such as China or Russia. A thousand kilograms of conventional bombs can also be deployed on this bomber. The B-2 Spirit Bomber costs around $ 2.1 billion and the US has a total of 50 B-2’s Spirit Stealth Bomber. This 100 bomber flying at an altitude of a thousand feet while filling 16 is capable of hitting up to a thousand kilometers.

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