Very Strange and Mysterious Cloud is Captured in Tulsa, Oklahoma

An image of a strangely shaped cloud has caused great debate on US social networks.

The photograph seems to be captured from a mall parking lot somewhere in Tulsa Oklahoma, USA.

The image was shared on social networks on January 25, 2020.

Several opinions about this cloud have emerged among users of social networks.

Some comment that above this cloud there is a glow, and that this is a portal that let this strange cloud out of an alien form an “entity with tentacles.”

Others strongly believe it is the famous Blue Beam project, used to distract people.

The Blue Beam Project, is a conspiracy theory, according to which the United States Government, the Bilderberg Group and NASA, among others, would be involved to produce extraterrestrial appearances and artificial deities, with the supposed intention of breaking the human conscience, and facilitating the path to a New World Order.

The most commented that it is a simple cloud that took that strange form of natural deformation caused by the wind.

See the Facebook post below:


Source: Extranotix