Video of Stephen Hawking Singing Goes Viral [VIDEO]

Acclaimed English physicist Stephen Hawking did something that nobody expected to see.

The scientist has lent his robotic voice to make a version of the famous song “Galaxy Song” by the British comic group Monty Python.

As is known, the famous physicist suffers from a motor neuron disease related to the Lateral Sclerosis Amitiófrica.

He was almost completely paralyzed and communicated through a voice generating device.

This made it a bit difficult but it did not prevent him from interpreting this song about the wonders of the universe that appeared in the film “The meaning of life”.

At the beginning of the video posted on the YouTube page, the scientist is seen running over with his wheelchair to physicist Brian Cox before flying out into space.

But, this would not be the first time the physicist sings because once he gave his voice to the band Pink Floyd. In that video he appears mentioned in the credits as “Talkin Hawkin.”

In 2014, he joined the Monty Python on stage and also had an appearance in the series “The Big Bang Theory.

It should be noted that in addition to this version that Hawking has done, a video game has also been released in which the physicist appears to navigate with his chair and the user has to try to avoid colliding with the asteroids, characterized with the faces of the Monty Python.

On the other hand, Hawking has argued that he believes in the existence of alien life: “I think that alien life is quite common in the universe, although intelligent life is less so. Some say it has not yet appeared on Earth. ”


Watch the viral video below:


Source: Elpopular