Virgin Galactic Receives Thousands of Reservations After its First Test Trip to Space

The US space tourism company, Virgin Galactic, said it has received approximately 8,000 reservations since the first test trip to the space successfully completed and is preparing to resume ticket sales.

The space travel company announced that reservations for space travel will be accepted again from today.

The company informed that those interested in aspiring to become astronaut passengers must make a reservation online by paying a deposit of 1,000 dollars.

The initial seats were sold for $250,000 each.

Stephen Attenborough, commercial head of Virgin Galactic, said that the vehicle called ‘Spacecraft 2‘ was moved to the launch base in New Mexico for preparations for the new flight and that the construction of new two vehicles continued at full speed.

While the International Astronautical Federation considers the height of 100 kilometers as the space limit, Virgin Galactic prepares to take its passengers in cabins of six people reaching the height of 80 kilometers.

In December 2018, the company announced having made a successful test trip to space at the height of 82 kilometers in the atmosphere.





Source: TRT