Watch As A Russian Su-27 Intercepts A US Bomber Near The Borders Of Russia (VIDEO)

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On Monday, US strategic B-52H bombers approached the territory of Russia from the Black Sea and the Baltic Sea, and the maneuvers of Russian aircraft managed to avoid the violation of the country’s border.

On June 17, the Russian Ministry of Defense released a video showing the exact moment when a strategic bomber B-52H of the United States Air Force was intercepted by a Russian fighter Su-27.

According to the agency, Russian Su-27 fighter crews intercepted US strategic bombers on Monday as they approached the Russian border from the Black and Baltic seas.

In addition, he explained that these Russian planes avoided the violation of the Russian border through maneuvers that have been maintained “in strict accordance with international rules of use of airspace.”

USA It has not yet ruled on these incidents, while none of the parties has specified how many airplanes have been involved in these situations.


Source: ActualidadRT