What the United States is Saying About UFO Videos

Between December 2017 and March 2018, ‘The New York Times’ published three allegedly declassified videos showing US Navy pilots following some unexplained aerial phenomena.

The mysterious ships moved at hypersonic speeds, traveling tens of thousands of meters above the Earth without wings, engines or visible signs of propulsion.

Were they aliens? High tech drones? The military had no idea, and, according to a recent statement from intelligence officials, neither does the American government.

E n a statement published in ‘The Black Vault’, Joseph Gradisher, spokesman for the Deputy Chief of Naval Operations for Information Warfare, announced that the Navy officially considers these ships that appear in the videos as “unidentified aerial phenomena”.

No one claims that these mysterious ships have anything to do with extraterrestrial visitors: they simply cannot be identified

That means that the creepy images are authentic, and that the objects, which were detected in restricted airspaces for military training in 2004 and 2015, should not be there.

They have not yet been successfully identified as any type of known vehicle, but neither can they be said to be extragalactic.

According to the website, the videos may have been incorrectly released by a former Pentagon employee who had requested permission to share them in various government agencies as part of a database on UAVs that they were supposedly collecting.

“The worker obtained permission to share them with” exclusive use of the government “and not for public release, so it was a mistake,” says Gradisher.

What is the Navy trying to retain specifically? Only some very strange aerial adventures. In an incident recorded fifteen years ago, for example, unidentified objects “suddenly appeared at 24,500 meters and then rushed towards the sea, finally stopping at 6,000 and floating.”

Then they disappeared from the radar and took off again,” they say in ‘The New York Times’.

To be clear, no ones sure that these mysterious ships have anything to do with extraterrestrial visitors; They simply cannot be identified or explained by current aeronautical knowledge. Do you settle for this premise? Or not?

These kinds of things probably happen much more often than we think and some experts claim that they may be secret technological experiments in some countries.

For example, a few months ago Projects Agency Defense Advanced Research it revealed that some mysteries “unexplained aerial phenomena” overflying Kansas were dealt the DARP project top secret program called “dubbed Adaptive Lighter Than Air” (ALTA), developed for test lighter vehicles of high altitude and capable of flying with small loads over 22,000 meters.

It is clear that with the immensity of the universe, there is a fairly high probability that we are not the only planet with life, but still do not know how to communicate or just  not have found. For now, we will have to wait.

Watch the video footage below!



Source: 24con