When a Rescue Gurney Breaks, This is What Happens to the Poor Patient

A 74-year-old woman hiking in Arizona was being rescued by crew in a helicopter when the gurney carrying her began spinning uncontrollably.

According to reports, firefighters were rescuing the woman from Piestewa Peak near 24th Street and Lincoln Drive after she was injured while hiking. After making contact with the woman, fire crews decided it was best to airlift her out of the area.

As she was being transported, video showed the gurney carrying the woman begin to spin uncontrollably. During a news conference held Tuesday afternoon, officials explained that a line that is used to prevent spinning during a hoist rescue did not function properly.

The woman reportedly suffered no injuries from the spinning aside from dizziness and nausea. She was lucky because with her age, spinning like that could cause serious head trauma.

The woman was literally spinning out of control! To witness this wild series of events, check out the video down below.

Source: Liveleak