With Acrobatic flights of the ‘Thunderbirds’ of the United States, the Aeronautical Fair Closed

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In the ninth edition of the event, more than 100 aircraft on the ground were part of the exhibition and 90 were in charge of plying the Antioquia sky. Under a blue sky, hundreds of people gathered at the José María Córdoba airport, to enjoy the event that ended the 2019 Aeronautical Fair.

The group of aerobatic flight, ‘Thunderbirds‘, of the United States, was in charge of surprising the spectators, a task that filled with pride the foreign pilots.

“We are very proud, we are amazed with Colombia and the people, we are proud to represent our Air Force and Colombia,” confesses a pilot of the US Air Force. UU

“Excellent, spectacular, something that is not seen all the time, we expected this and much more, but it met our expectations”, says Juan Sebastián Bravo, assistant to the event.

No matter the inconvenience, or the time they had to wait, there were many people who managed to enjoy the air sample from the vicinity of the airport.

“Better scenario than to be in the tumult, I imagined going out in that tumult and no, my God no, I came better here and I feel happy here,” says Alicia Gaviria, a spectator.

The balance delivered by the Civil Aeronautics during the four days was very positive.

“At the fair, fortunately, there were zero accidents, I think we fulfilled the expectations, I think that everyone is happy with this show that is for all Colombians,” says Colonel Arnaud François Gerard, deputy general director of Civil Aeronautics and Manager of the Aeronautics Fair.

In the ninth edition of the Aeronautic Fair, more than 100 aircraft on land were part of the exhibition and 90 were responsible for flying the skies and maneuver to entertain the more than 70,000 spectators who attended.

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