Yellow Co-Working Chiang Mai – Is it worth it?

You’re probably in Chiang Mai and are looking for co-working spaces to work in. Right?

I’ve been living in Chiang Mai for a while now and have been to a fair amount of co-working spaces to know the better ones out there.

Yellow is located really well, in Nimman and you have access to great restaurants in Chiang Mai from there. Nimman is like a hotspot for tourists as well.

Let’s start!

This is the entrance. Outside of the main gate, there’s a small pathway and sitting area surrounding that which is pretty good actually. The only downside of sitting out is mosquitoes. If you think they’ll bother you, better get a mosquito repellent from your nearest seven eleven.

This is how the set-up looks basically. Different types of seating arrangements. There’s also a standing desk right at the back.

At the very left, there’s a water machine, you can get it 24*7 and it’s free, of course.

This is a Japanese style of sitting arrangement. It’s cool to sit like this and relax for a while to be honest.

Decent parking space available to be honest, if you come at odd times, you might face difficulties getting a spot as Yellow is the most popular co-working out there.

You can get coffee and juice and other stuff from here. It’s paid. Prices are usually around 100 baht to 150 baht per item. You do get a 50% discount if you’re a member though.

Pricing & Membership fee is decent, not too expensive, and not too cheap too. If you’re doing a lot of work and LOVE co-workings, you’ll be satisfied with the pricing.

Alternatives to Yellow

Alt Chiang Mai

Hub53 Coworking and Coliving Space

Final Thoughts

It’s a good working space, on the expensive side with good networking opportunities provided you’re an extrovert and actually reach out to people. No one’s going to do it for you anywhere though. I think it’s worth.