Yenin Talks with Relatives of Victims who Died in the UIA Plane Crash in Iran

Ukraine and relatives of Canadians who died as a result of the downing of a UIA plane near Tehran agreed to work together to bring those responsible for the accident to justice.

This was written on Facebook by the Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, Yevgueniy Yenin.

“A frank conversation with Canadian relatives of those killed in the crash of Flight PS752 in Iran on January 8, 2020. Our common goals are to restore justice and bring all those responsible for this terrible crime to justice!” He said Yenin.

He promised to ensure that justice was achieved for all those who suffered in this tragic incident.

“Using all international platforms and media, we will remind Iran of its duty: to ensure an objective and impartial technical investigation into the circumstances of the accident; Hold the entire chain of officials and military personnel criminally responsible, regardless of their position; guarantee that such incidents will not be repeated in the future and ensure a decent level of monetary compensation to the families of the victims, regardless of their nationality,” the statement said.

At the same time, Ukraine’s Ambassador to Canada Andriy Shevchenko, who also participated in the conversation, said in a comment to Ukrinform that representatives of Canadian victims during the meeting had the opportunity to clarify Ukraine’s position.

“All these three aspects were clearly specified. It seems to me that they are very much in line with the priorities set by the families of the victims living in Canada,” Shevchenko said.

The Ukraine International Airlines (UIA) plane (flight PS752) en route from Tehran to Kyiv crashed shortly after taking off from Imam Khomeini International Airport at 06:00 Tehran time (04:30 Kyiv time) on 8 January.

There were 176 people on board: nine crew members (all Ukrainians) and 167 passengers (citizens of Ukraine, Iran, Canada, Sweden, Afghanistan, Germany and the United Kingdom). All passengers died.




Source: Ukrinform