Youtuber Dies Tragically After Parachute Jumping Goes Wrong

Ruben Carbonell Beneyto died tragically after trying to jump from a 50-meter high bridge, the note went viral in a few hours.

The dawn of Wednesday a young man died in a cement plant located in Alicante, after suffering an accident in a parachute jump. The young man had a YouTube channel dedicated to high-risk sports, and apparently he wanted to record a night jump from a bridge 50 meters high.

Carbonell and a friend jumped the fence that prevents access to the cement factory of the Cemex company, being inside they went up to the tower from where the Youtuber jumped first and died. The parachute did not open for reasons that are still being investigated and Ruben died instantly when I hit the ground.

Youtuber dies tragically! after parachute jumping (VIRAL)

His friend was the one who notified 112 at about 1 a.m. Agents from the local police of San Vicente moved, rescuers could not do anything for the young man who had already died, according to sources from the emergency coordination center of the Valencian Community.

Carbonell Beneyto had a YouTube channel where he barely had six subscribers. He specialized in extreme sports, since the videos he had uploaded to this platform showed jumps from a bridge and different practices, paragliding and parachute flights.

Really the idea of ​​making this video was to record the material and upload it to the platform to get more subscribers, now we know that fame can cost you your life and maybe after something like this it becomes famous in a way you would not have wanted it to.


Source: Laverdadnoticias